Friday, 18 December 2015

Treaty of Waitangi

Treaty of Waitangi

Scene 1 - 1840 The Original document was signed on the 6th of February 1840 by Maori chiefs and by British Government.  

Scene 2 - 1841: The treaty of waitangi was saved by George Eliot in a fire at the GO in Auckland.

Scene 3 - 1908 The treaty of waitangi was found by Dr Hocken down
the basement in the governor's house.

Scene 4 - The original Treaty of Waitangi was glued on a canvas to preserve it.

Scene 5- In 1940 the Treaty was displayed in public for the first time in Waitangi as part of the centennial commemorations.

Scene 6 - The original Treaty of Waitangi was removed from public and send to the National Archives in Wellington.

We did this as part of our Reading so this is our creating work that we did.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Culture Festival.

It was a busy time in the evening for our Camp Fundraiser as we had this fundraiser to fund the money that we owed for Camp. When we came Mrs Ripata had our costumes ready after her class was done we had to get dressed into our Tongan costumes after getting dressed we took a photo with Mrs Ripata for our Tongan Performances then we followed Room 4 to the hall while we were waiting other students joined to help make the food to be sold to on that evening the food were Potato salad, Chopsui, Rice, Sausages, and Sausage Sizzles. After the introduction was done by Mrs Elia the Kapa Haka group was up to perform first the boys did the Haka that the All Blacks does after doing the Haka to finish off by singing a Waiata after that performance it was Room 4 with their Poi dance after that we had a Taekwondo  performances by Alex and Richie.

When it was finished the Room 5 had a performance their performance’s was about Recyling they all had to present the things that goes in the right bins when finished they all put the stuff’s in the three big bins that we put on stage then came for a photo. After that the Tongan Boy’s dance was up next I felt about excitied because I was in the dance we got on stage people mostly Mum’s filled with Joy to watch their son’s perform while we were performing Mum’s coming up to put some of the cash on them and dancing with them as well. After the performance I felt glad that I had done it. Then the Cook Island was up on the stage 3 girls only performed for the Coook Island they did a dance with mostly moving the hips very fast and some of their parents got up on the stage and dance with them as well. Then straight after the Cook Island came the second to last was the Niuean with a stunning start by doing the Niuean Haka and followed with the dance off. Then with the last one and only the Samoan Sasa I had to perform too because I was in it too we followed onto the stage had to stand at the side and waited for Moses the caller to start we joged up sat in our lines and got ready it was fine doing it because it was just basically hand movements while doing that performance Fineasi got up the clown and followed with us to. After our last Item Ms Elia got up and thanked on behalf of her for coming to this wonderful event and thanked every body that performed in each group. At the end of the day I went home had a long rest since I was tired with performing.