Friday, 30 May 2014

Our Exciting Trip to Long Bay.

It was a rainy morning as I got up feeling revitalized with excitement on my face as I was walking to school because we were going on a trip back again to Long Bay in the North Shore but to study Making Waves.

First we talked about our behaviour on the bus before we hopped off the bus. We started at 8:30am to get there by 10:00am because it was a long trip long trip there. It took us 1 hour to get to Long Bay and when we got there we waited for the Rangers to get us sorted out before we went to a big shelter where we all can put our bags.

When we arrived, Sarah told us to have morning tea. Then we started our first activity with James the Ranger in charge of the year sevens. We walked all the way to a bridge where there was a river, we only saw a white heron standing on a piece of log. Eventually we talked about the amount of litter there were, and how its a marine reserve. Which means you can’t take disturb, or take anything, not even a shell.

When we were walking along the beach we saw this gigantic jellyfish lying on the sand. Then we stopped to talk about it. After that we started walking to the rock pools to search for all the things are on the list. We started looking for creatures like starfish, scallops, and different types of shells. Then we moved on to another activity where we look for dead things that lay on the beach. Most of us found shells. We talked and talked for a long time.

Finally we all went back to the shelter to get our bags. After thanking the Rangers it was time to leave, to go back to school. It was interesting at the end of the day. My favorite part was walking on the rock pools and finding shells.


Stephanie Parker said...

Ilalio, your writing is coming a long way. I hope that you can carry these skills onto our explanation genre also.
I like the way that you vary your sentence beginnings and use time linking 'connectives': First, then, after, finally. Try adding others too, therefore, consequently, however... we will work on these next week. I also like how you have touched on some of the 'big ideas'. Litter and pollution, conservation... try using these terms also, and delving into them further in your explanation writing.
Ka pai te mahi.
Mrs Parker.

Trademark Solicitor said...

I remember going up the beach and finding shells! Sometimes I found fossils too, when I was particularly lucky! Fantastic writing, sounds like an exciting day!

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