Monday, 11 August 2014

Ilalio Recount of Powhiri.

Today at Glenbrae school we had an astonishing Powhiri to remark the Early Childhood center here in Glenbrae school first we had Hannah up for the samoan dance first thing in the morning next was the Tongan stick dance after the stick dance we had Noellen welcomed the Ministers and the Mayor of Auckland  Len Brown while she was welcoming them we did our haka. After the haka we all followed behind them and sit at the front of the hall then Matua Jim got up and gave a warm welcoming to the Ministers and the Mayor then after that Awhi Leona got up and did his speech and then after we then sang a song E tasi ai Lasi. After that song we had the Mayor Len Brown got up and talked about us getting excited for the early childhood being built on Glenbrae school then he talked about two important and then he finished off singing Te Aroha then sat down and Nick Smith got up and talked.

After Nick Smith’s talk we got up and sang Te Aroha then after that we had a Maori Women sing for us then we got up and did the hongi with the Ministers and following them outside to do the sod turning the soil we got there and lined up in a round line. Then Len Brown and Nick Smith got the two shovels and then did the sod and Matua Jim did the Blessing of the sod turning then it was finished then took a few photos and then house leaders had to go to the ceremony for the Glenbrae scout hall after that we finished and all came back to school.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Tae Kwon Do.

It was a agreeable day for Tae Kwon Do a Martial arts sport that we do every Tuesday when getting there we got asked by the instructor Yu to take off our shoes before we start. Our first lesson with Yu was the Punching Drills then after that we moved on to Kicking the Pads we had three Pads to kick we had to kick one then we rotate to the others. Then Punching the pads with our Fist’s on the Pads we had to do the same thing as doing the Punches we had to punch then rotate to the other pads then after Instructor Yu called us to sit down for a sec while she talks about another move to defending ourselves. The move was when someone grabs your necks then quickly clap on top of your head then twist as hard then the person thats grabbing your neck releases you. Then Yu told us to go and give it a go then we came and sat down for a game it was called Helicopter and Fire where someone in the middle and if they call out fire they spin the rope lower and if they say helicopter the person in the middle spin’s the rope high as they can after the game we all came and sat down for instructions. Then our lesson was finished it was a cordial lesson for today and enjoyed it.