Monday, 10 August 2015

Science with Mr Malhotra

Today for science we went to Tamaki College to learn the different types of chemicals and what to wear when you are in a laboratory and Electronics.First Mr Malhotra introduced himself to us and the other two teachers who were Ms Graaf and Ms Caw first we had a look at the microscope we looked at Dragonfly larvae's, Onion Skin, Cockroaches, and Little Sea Creatures. Then we got to go around and touch and play with the toys Mr Malhotra put out for us. Then we were given little trays in side them had two chemicals one was hydrogen ox-side and a liquid.

First we meet a new science teacher and she demonstrate it to us and show us how it is really important to follow instruction and show us step by step how to do it when she finished showing us she told us to be careful and did the experiment. When we were done we watched how the chemicals formed together and reacted then Ms Bunce  told us if we were done we then go and watched our hands then we sat down and Mr Malhotra asked for a volunteer to help him with his helicopter drone. Levi F got up and try and flew it and then it came to an end of the lesson and Brandon got up and thanked Mr Malhotra and the other two teachers that was there today.    
And We Enjoyed It.  


Mrs Tofa said...

Its great to see you all involved in the lesson Ilalio. Well done.

Tsana Plessius said...

Hi Ilalio,
What an amazing opportunity, to see and learn science in the well-equipped rooms at Tamaki College. I like the way you were very descriptive at the start of your recount, talking about what happened when you first arrived at the science classroom. Maybe next time, you could also share more about the results of the experiment - what happened when you combined the 2 chemicals?
Tsana (Robin's mum)

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