Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Early Traders Northland.

When the first Pakeha came to New Zealand some Pakeha wanted land and some of the Maori’s looked at how the Pakeha was dressed and the equipment's that they had like iron materials, muskets, clothes, blankets,   tobacco, and alcohol since the Maoris didn't have those things.

The Maori’s were in need of new equipment from the new settlers the pakeha. They wanted to trade with the pakehas in order to get what they want. They used the missionary to translate to the pakeha people so they would understand what they are in need. The Maori’s gave them Maori slaves and the pakeha traded with them by giving them Muskets and ironing tools.

When the Maoris agreed to hand over some land and slaves to the pakehas the pakehas gave them what the Maoris wanted and when the pakehas got some of their land they mark it by putting up the British flag on the flagpole. On the 8 of July 1844 a chief (War Leader) from a tribe chopped down a flagpole which was marked part of their land.

The Pakeha got really angry at Hone Heke that the Pakeha declared war on the Maoris but one thing the Maoris didn't know is that the British had more advantage because they had guns, cannons, and swords.   

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