Friday, 20 November 2015

Technology with Mr Pineda

Today at Technology we continued out Fruit Juice Cartoon Box Project Mrs Pineda photocopied different kinds of fruit for our Box design we each had to come up with our idea's for a fruit juice company. People with device's had to do a presentation of there cartoon box and then write about what they have done in that time. Once we were done we gave some of our work for marking and laminating for making it.      Image result for technology

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Financial Literacy with Rachel

Today we did some Financial Literacy with Rachel she talked about reliable people and that she brought some stuff with her she asked us to raise a hand if you would trust a stranger or classmates with these things: Pencil, DVD, $5, Cellphone. After that she had a skit to do she asked for four volunteers to go up she pair them in to each had to get a positive skit or a negative skit after that they did the skit then explained how it went well for the first skit because the person didn't have the amount of money so she asked the person next to her if he could lend her $5 dollars and she will pay it back as soon as possible. Then skit two which was the negative a person who borrows the DVD and the owner asks for the DVD to return but then the person who asked for the DVD didn't finish watching it so she asked if she could return it tomorrow but the next day when she returned it the owner received the DVD with scratches. After they had did the skit Rachel had some worksheet for us to do as we were coming to the finish then she explained one more time to be wise with your money.