Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Year 7&8's Trip to the Zoo.

On Friday 4th of April 2014 we went on a euphoric tip to the AUCKLAND ZOO when we arrived to the Auckland Zoo we waited in the bus for Mrs Raj then when we got out of the bus and thank the driver and waited for the instructor to introduce themselves then they took us inside the Zoo. While we were inside she took us into a house then we talked about native bird’s and stuff then we went to where the Grand skink and Otago skink then we talked about how the breede and how they move how they are nocturnal and move quicker.

After John talked to us we looked and the skink only two skinks came out and the other one the otago skink was hiding behind the grass and because it was hard to look around because they were camouflaging behind the grass then we moved on to where the kea’s locations. The we walked where the kea’s habitat is we walked all the way past a bridge and we when we got there John then explained to us how the kea unwrap things quickly then he told us to keep still when we see a kea then we went inside. It was hard to spot them because some of them blended it with the trees and bushes I only spotted three kea’s then for a meanwhile John explained how the kea’s a closed to extinctions and how they're predators hunt them at the day time.

Then individually moved on to where the kereru, kakariki bird and the tui on this tour we had Laura the instructor took us inside to the kereru, kakariki bird, and tui’s locations is then we made our way up to a house to get closer to contemplate at the kereru and the tui. Then we impenetrable The Night Closer where the kiwi’s lived it was hard to spot them because they were on the back but we had to make our way to the exit it was hard to see in there because it was so dark then we moved on to where the prodigious eel’s where Richard the mentor told us how the eel’s swim all the way to Tonga to lay their eggs there and swim all the way back to New Zealand. Then the baby eel’s swim all the way back to their parents in New Zealand then we went back to the house where we all met the other’s then there we all went in group’s I was in Mrs Parker’s group where went off first.

Then we went to have our Morning Tea then after that we went to the turtle and took photographs and talked about them then the next animal was the american alligator they’re about 5 of them and took pictures and the animals we all see was Ottar, Red Panda, Bamboss, Orangutans, Elephants, Rhinos, Ostrich, Meerkats, Zebra’s, Cheetah, Seals, Spider Monkeys, Flamingos, Ringtail Lemurs, Lions those were all the animals we saw and the Auckland Zoo and we all came back to where we met before and Eseki Thank the Zoo Keepers and lined up and waited outside of the Zoo and waited for the bus to come by the end of the day i felt thrilled all the way back to School.


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