Friday, 11 April 2014

Our Tremendous trip to Long Bay.

On Monday the 7th of April 2014 we went to Long Bay which was in North Shore It was part of our Learning program and part of our Inquiry it was a privilege to go their to learn lot’s about stuff it took us about 1 hour to get us from school to Long bay.Then we made a destination and  arrived to LONG BAY then Mrs Parker’s Groups went off the bus first while we were getting off the bus we thank the bus driver and out we went then the mentor Sarah came to us and took us to met all the mentor’s Morag, James,  that’s gonna be taking us through heaps of activities then when we got to this house where our bags can be safe their. My group which was Mrs Parker’s group went off to do the first activities with our extraordinary mentor was putting up tent’s and which would be a safe and good condition places and why we elected it then she talked and ask questions for us to answer then meanwhile we all ran off in our pairs my partners were Anamanu, Voni and Nikita.

We chose under a medium place to set our tents up then we got in to it building the tent’s then no long we got it done before the other’s then we went inside for a meanwhile we packed it up again and putting it in our tent bag. Then we went back to give back the tent bag’s then for our next activities were cooking sausages with the mini pans and mini stove’s then she showed us how to turn on them and cooking them and putting out the fire and how to have another person holding and the end of the pan.Then we got into cooking our mentor’s lit the fire for us and having our teacher putting the oil into them and putting the sausages in the pan then me and my partner James F took turn cooking them then while the were cooking we waited for not that long then it started sizzling and we know it was time for it to be over them i took the pan off the mini stove and James F putted out the fire. Then we started eating it it was cook perfectly for me and James then moved on to the next activity.

The Next activities were What Thing You Take with you and Not Take With You On A Hike the the mentor’s their Morag had a relay in this really was the things that we really need to take with us on a Hike or Camping then the things were in a box.Then Morag put us in pairs there was group one, group two, group three, and finally group four I was in group four it was Me, Jack, Brandon there was a list there in the box for what’s the right thing we should bring with us then we gazed at it and each person from each team had to run and grab each item from the box.Brandon ran and got the backpack first then Jack went secondly to grab the lunch box then I went to get the raincoat then it kept going and going and then it stop and moved on to the stretchers where we had jumpers as part of our stretchers and four enormous sticks.We worked in teams to put the jumper on the sticks then we tried it on with Brandon go inside pretending he has a broken leg then we bend our knees and lifted him up gently.

When we lifted him up and walk to the other side then back to where we started then it was Jack turn we lifted him up for a while and putting him down then Anamanu had a go then came Voni’s turn and then Moli and then came Me.Ensuing we had lunch half an hour then we went to our next activities our last activities was with James the bush walk we sat under a tree and plan what place we had about an hour to go to the place where we want to go.Then Hannah who was the ladder and Brandon the Charlie tale the person who make’s sure we are ready and in line then we went past the beach and into a forest with heaps of trees and bushes then we went up the steps then up an driveway and into a farm. Then we walked all the way across a farm then came to an end then down into a forest and we saw the view from here it was fascinating to watch from all the way up the farm and  catch phrase the Rangitoto Island then it was time to go back then after we started walking still hot and puffing for a drink of water.Then when we got their we took a picture with all of us in it and then went for a drink then went back then when we got their we got our bags and settled down in line and waited for the teachers to eat their sausages then Morag, Sarah, James,. Explained how FABULOUS we behaved and then Eseki thanked the Rangers and then we waited for the bus to get their then we went at the End I Felt Joyous.

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