Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Netbook Reflections.

How has having a Netbook helped my learning?
It help’s me with all sort’s of my learning like in reading it help’s me a lot and in maths too and writing. And it also help’s me research other things for when i’m doing my work.

Has having a Netbook helped you communicate with your teacher?
She can communicate by putting our work on our class site and she sends us work on our Gmail. And she can go on Google drive and leave comments there.

What have you learnt online?
I have learnt online how we use our Netbook for research, work and many things like today we were researching Nelson Mandela and write it in our writing. And I learnt that his family is missing him. Mandela’s family commented on his death, they said “They lost a good man, a man from the soil” that was their first statement since Nelson Mandela’s death.

What have you learnt from your friends?
The thing’s I have learnt from my friends is how to get in touch by sending E Mails and making new friends and saying kind, gentle and smart words. And I have taught a friend how to use his Netbook, and how to save his work on his Google drive and all sort of things.

Have you helped other people this year?
I have made heaps of friend this year and now i have to say goodbye to them by the end of the year. And i have helped this boy named Siotame i have helped him with setting up his Netbook.

How has digital learning helped your learning?
Digital learning help’s me with my Reading, Writing, Inquiry and Maths and I am learning how to use my Netbook to find information.


Friday, 6 December 2013

Healthy Food Activity.

Here is what we studied for our inquiry our inquiry is healthy food and our 5+ a day. Here a some healthy fruit we did.
Date fruit
Elder berries
Honeydew melon
Ice cream bean
Java plum
Kiwi fruit
Yellow watermelon
Zigzag Vine

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Procedural Writing.

I get hungry every time i make it.
1 Onion
1 large tomato
4 lettuce leaves
500g lean beef mince
1 egg
1/3 cup breadcrumbs
1-2 tablespoons chopped parsley
salt and pepper,to taste
4 cheese single slices
4 large hamburger buns
tomato sauce, to serve it.
  1. Firstly chop the onion and slice the tomato thinly ( rise the tomato if it’s dirty).

  1. Combine all the mince, onions, egg, breadcrumbs, parsley and salt and pepper in a mixing bowl and mix them together thoroughly with your hands.
     3. Divide the mixture into four and shape each one into a round patty.

    4. Brush a frying pan or a grill plate with oil and heat. Cook the patties for 3-4 minutes each side on a medium heat or until they are cooked thoroughly. Put a cheese slice on each patty.

     5.While the patties are cooking. Cut the buns in half and toast them. Put the bottom half in serving plates.

    6.On each one put the lettuce, the tomato, and then a patty and then a tomato sauce. Finish of with the top of the bun and serve immediately.


Monday, 18 November 2013

My Poem about my best friend.

My  best Poem about my friend.

My friend is special to me,
his snoring sounds like a bee
his favourite colour is yellow like the sun.
His eyes are brown like his skin colour,
and his hair is  black like a cat’s fur.

Sometimes lazy,
Sometimes getting into trouble for talking,
He cracks up sometimes like a comedian,
Sometimes annoying.

He is sometimes good at some sports,
like he tries his best by sprinting but others beat him,
he’s good at discus,shot put and long jump.
and he eats a lot of food.

And at home he like’s to play,
basketball,american football,Dodgeball,baseball.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

News Article. Colorado floods.

                         Colorado floods.

Around 500 people are unaccounted for and nearly 2000 people have been evacuated as flood-ravaged Colorado faces more rain. Officials have warned the death toll from the week's severe flooding could rise as it was confirmed that a second person was missing and presumed dead, in addition to four deaths previously verified. The 80-year-old woman had been at home with an injury when the building in which she lived was destroyed, the Larimer County sheriff's office said on its Twitter feed. Previously, authorities had confirmed that a 60-year-old woman was missing and presumed dead after witnesses said they saw her mountain home swept away. Their names have not been released.

This is what we learnt in reading.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Response Writing.

Background info:
This article is about students are failing school and their education and how they are treated badly at home. Two former members received access to the Alliance database.  

Explore the writing: Is it good?Yes Why No Why
I think this writing is bad and i don’t agree because it talk’s about children in who leave school usually never complete their NCEA levels and how most of the children fail class and how they don’t get treated the same way at home and how they usually take their behavior at home and take it to school because usually at home there parents have low income and how they usually get treated badly at home and that is what affects children’s learning because they are sometimes afraid if they get in trouble in class and their parent’s have to come to a meeting with their teacher when they have time to talk.

This article could use some more interesting words. They should of said the meaning of OECD NCEA. Also should say some things that can help improve in their learning. And its good that Kate shuttle-worth wrote this article so that parent can read it.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

This week in Maths we made Loopy People

In Maths we had to measure ourselves and calculate the measurements.We had to cut strips of paper and get 5 each. We also had to halve our measurement and put them on the paper we had to colour it in and decorate it. We gave it to our teacher Miss Tofa to staple it together and then we stapled it in our class for everyone to see.

Friday, 20 September 2013

A Nightmare Which Showed Me Way To Success.

Eventually I got out of a knotty way to move in a restful manner meanwhile giving a halt to hectic disillusionment walk. The path to be perused was chock-a-block of darkness but abruptly the moon came up and showered its light on my access road.
Subsequently, my eyeballs could see the encountering picture ahead as a misty light spontaneously focused on the thoroughfare. The trail seemed to be of less used one and solely was reflecting a horror effect as there were bare trees though the climate was chilled winter.
The scene disappointed me as I supposed that once again I am going to catch 22 as customary. So the dreadful stance pushed me too soon to get off 6 the place and so I set my weariness body in forward mode, the dry pale yellow leaves had also got in motion with me as if a bit of my restricted vim got transferred to them too.
Absolutely after three nasty paces I came across an old sturdy man, walking on the neighbor road. I summoned him on to assist me out with an address to city…but the man overlooked and went on without responding. I called him for the second time but this time he gave me a glazed look and answered with some offensive words, ‘’there is no address for the city but the ways only leads to success.’’ the old man’s words made me wonder for hours but I was still beating around the bush and couldn't get to the point.
In that case I kick started covering some more distances when I met an old greasy hand pump. Certainly I wasn’t thirsty but was in a need of clearing my messy look, so immediately I responded to the presence of water pump but it was pretty much hard to operate it as it has been there without drawn into use since ages. However  it was a moment to cheer up for I was successful in moving the handle up and down but unfortunately water did not make any gesture I spontaneously worked on pump for some more minutes but yet there was no sign of water so finally I fell apart and was in a mood of taking rest so I counted on a nearby tree to confer me with shelter. The opted place was a bit grimy; accordingly I was looking for broom kind of thing when I came across a heap of dried, fresh leaves. I carelessly disrupted the neatly drawn heap and came out with an eccentric massive leaf which was indeed not found in the area where I found it. But yet for a while I rummaged around to know if the tree was really situated around but I was proved correct. That kind of species can’t be grown in such a location.
So I owed it to broom my place. After the act of clearing, when I was about to throw it at that time an idea was born in my hectic mind for via the leaf into a self entertaining work. Gradually I came up with an initiative of scripting an ode on the rarely found leaf. The thoughts started to flow in fact I was completely in the world of thoughts where I was put out of my mind about the actual world. Hours passed away, I felt like I got back to my mom and dad but hastily a tremendous thunder drew me out of the thoughtful world. And unluckily I had to hurry up because the condition of weather reflected that it was going to rain. I was to look for a cottage or protective place so I drew together all my belongings and set on for the destiny.
Luckily after covering up some miles I got an aged cottage. It seemed to be welled by someone as a dim beam of light with as seen.
Immediately I made my presence at the wooden door and knocked stridently. The door was opened by a fair young lady. I asked her if I could have a night stay at her cottage for tonight. She instantaneously replied with a positive answer. The lady bid me to go for refreshment and then arrive on dining slab for a hot winter tea. Submitting to her polite words I removed my bag and placed it on a table.
After the healthy tea I asked the pretty lady for the way to guest room for having a night but I forgot my bag in the drawing room. I was just above to close the eyelids when a stormy wind hit the windows. And consequently the wind broke into the house and my bag kept downstairs fell on ground and leaf of epic flew to the lady standing near it. First the lady thought that it would be personal but she knew that nobody records a personal thing on a leaf. And so she gazed at it. It said,
TO PERCEIVE A BOON..............................
The next morning I thanked and requested the lady to just drop me to a nearby city in her very own car. We set out for the city and luckily got to one where she took me to a building named as AUTHOR’S DESTINE. It seemed strange but as I stepped out of the car a rush of media surrounded me with camera and was continually raising questions about the epic written by me on the leaf. I was knocked for six that where did they get my ode from but soon the confusion left me and I found out that the helpful lady was a publisher and she read it last night and was impressed by it. Subsequently everyone was showering flowers on me when I felt something disgusting. In place of flowers there was bucketful  of water in the hands of my mom which she was pouring on me in the early morning to wake me up for usual dragging to the school. When I got up then I realized that it was just a nightmare.
                                                         The end
                            By ilalio


Friday, 28 June 2013

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Room 7's Pledge

Following our 'Tread Lightly Caravan' experience the students of Room 7 decided to make a pledge. Change begins with one step in the right direction......we will all make a difference to save our planet Earth. Here is a link to my graph for Maths

Room 7's Pledge.

Following our 'Tread Lightly Caravan' experience the students of Room 7 decided to make a pledge. Change begins with one step in the right direction......we will all make a difference to save our planet Earth.

Here is a link to my graph for Maths

Enjoy !

Friday, 12 April 2013

Future footprint

We have been learning to creating a digital footprint.This is what my future footprint look's like.