Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Response Writing.

Background info:
This article is about students are failing school and their education and how they are treated badly at home. Two former members received access to the Alliance database.  

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I think this writing is bad and i don’t agree because it talk’s about children in who leave school usually never complete their NCEA levels and how most of the children fail class and how they don’t get treated the same way at home and how they usually take their behavior at home and take it to school because usually at home there parents have low income and how they usually get treated badly at home and that is what affects children’s learning because they are sometimes afraid if they get in trouble in class and their parent’s have to come to a meeting with their teacher when they have time to talk.

This article could use some more interesting words. They should of said the meaning of OECD NCEA. Also should say some things that can help improve in their learning. And its good that Kate shuttle-worth wrote this article so that parent can read it.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

This week in Maths we made Loopy People

In Maths we had to measure ourselves and calculate the measurements.We had to cut strips of paper and get 5 each. We also had to halve our measurement and put them on the paper we had to colour it in and decorate it. We gave it to our teacher Miss Tofa to staple it together and then we stapled it in our class for everyone to see.