Wednesday, 29 April 2015

MADD Diary.

Today at MADD workshop with Petia we talk about our personalities first he drew some shapes and asked us to chose the shapes the shapes were Triangle, Square, Circle, Rectangle, and Squiggle I chose Circles.

After we got into our group Petia handed us little sheets of paper which had our personalities in it Triangle their personalities was Leadership and Square their personalities was Hardworking, Circles was Caring for Others Rectangles was Experiencing New Stuff and. Squiggle was Creative and easily distracted by others the leaders of each group had to get up with their groups and read their bit out First it was Triangles and then was Circle the Rectangle and Squiggle after Squiggle talked about their personalities then Petia drew Batman with the tools he came with.  


Tuesday, 28 April 2015

My Values about Respect.

- One Value I have is respect.
- One Value I think is important is respect.
-This means that you respect people and property.
- This is important to me because it is a School and personal value.  
- I think that when people respect to each others.
- When I show this value i use manners speak politely be sincere and do what you say you are going to do.
- I learned that respect is important value to the School and to me.
- This Value came to me from my family and School.

- My Parents value is also respect and is also mine. 
This is my Value we did in the English Class with Mrs Metcalfe in Tamaki College.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Holiday Recount.

In the Holidays we had nothing to do so we went to a beach in North Shore me my Dad and little brother went fishing it wasn't the beach I expected because the rocks were slippery because every time you stand on it you would fall into the water. We got where my Dad’s fishing spot it was a good view of the harbor bridge also it had good fish like Snappers, Kawai.

Fish Dad put some bait on the hooks then he threw it far then after a minute the fish started biting and Dad pulled the fishing rod to him then he reeled the fish in. We mostly got snappers but we threw them out because they were babies snappers.

After fishing we packed up because it was getting hot and we were running out of bait we used the last bait to catch one more fish all we got was Kawai then we packed up the fishing rod and went home to make dinner.     

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Kiwi Can Diary

Last week on Kiwi Can we went up on the field and did a activity called code breaker each team had to step on a holler-hop you can make letter with the team who steps on the right one will get part of the code and when the person o the other team who steps on the wrong one they chose another member of their team to give it a try.And the end my team won against the others the code was Many Hands Can Make Lights Work Kiwi Can has been really enjoyable and fun this Term 1.

Problem Solving with Mrs Tofa and Circles Group.

Yesterday in Maths Mrs Tofa gave us our problem to solve the problem was James is making pineapple pie.He needs 2/3 of a pineapple to make one pie.How many pineapple pies can he make with 12 pineapples? I learned how to use different strategies and get different ideas from people.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

M.A.D.D Diary

This week we had our M.A.D.D workshop and talked about some famous people and their talent and skills and talked about how if you make mistakes and learn from it and told us that Talent + Skills= AWESOMENESS

After that Petia divided us into four groups there were the musician group, Rugby group, Artist group and last but not least the wrestling group. Each group had to act out a drama our group aka was the wrestling group and had to act out that half of our group was characters and half were playing the video game.

After doing the activity we explained what happened in the situation during acting out the drama. Then Petia thanked everyone who go up and act their drama out then he sketched Wonder Woman.