Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Ilalio _Tree of Life_WekaT4W2

Tree of Life by Feana Tu’akoi
School Journal Part 3, Number 3, 2002

WALT: Make inferences and search for hidden meanings
SC:      Think critically about the hidden meaning of the text.

HOME ACTIVITY: Talk to whanau about their experiences eating coconut, fresh, tinned, dried etc. How do they like to eat it best, be ready to share this with the group next time.

  1. List the parts of the tree that are useful and how.

drinking, cooking
Coconut Leaves  
Shelter, Mats, Basket, Fans, Ropes,
Cups, Oil,
Drink, Food,
fish traps,
Fire wood,  Raft,

  1. This story refers to the coconut tree as ‘the tree of life’.  Explain in as much detail as possible,  why it is the tree of life in your own words.
    1. It is called tree of life because it provides food, drink, shelter, and fans for people that will help them survive.

  1. Explain the connection between the Tuna and the Coconut?
    1. The connection between the tuna and the coconut because the tuna’s head provided the coconut tree food, drink, and Shelter and made the coconut tree grew faster.

Hollow (p.16)
not solid; empty
Monsieur (p.14)
the conventional French title of respect and term of address for aman, corresponding to Mr. or sir.
Voila (p.14)
there it is; there you are.
Rhythm (p.15)
A particular pattern formed by musical rhythm.

5. This is a popular legend also, have you heard it before?Where? and how is this version different? If not, can you find another version of this legend and record any differences. No I haven’t heard about the legend but I read the story and it is very appealing now that I know a coconut is a tuna’s head.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Ilalio_What's for lunch_WekaT4W1

What’s for lunch? by Ken Benn
Connected 1 2006

WALT: Analyse information, relate it to myself and make evaluations
SC: We will record our own healthy food graph and make recommendations based on what we find.

1. Complete your own healthy lunch chart for the rest of this week.

Food type

Sweets, cakes, chips etc.
Meat, cheese, eggs, dairy, nuts etc
Fruit, vegetables, wholegrain breads etc.

  1. Why do you think it is important to eat more fruits, vegetables and wholegrains breads or rice?
    1. It is important that you eats all this food because it helps your mind stay awake and fresh and healthy.
  2. Mr Kenna suggested that they swap their salami cheese sandwiches for tuna and salad. What things in your lunchbox do you think you could swap to make it healthier?  
    1. Banana, Sandwhich, Apples.
  3. What other benefits do you get from eating healthy food?
          Keeps your mind fresh, awake and gives energy, and gives you vitamins that are good.
  1. Complete a graph like the one in the book once you have completed your healthy lunch chart. See how well you compare to your classmates.

  1. What is your favourite types of healthy meal? (Edit the drawing)

ONLY share the answers/activities which have next to them.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

How I spent my time in the Holidays- Explantions

The Holidays are a two weeks break from school when we do not attend school between Term 3 and Term 4 also during the Month of October.

In the Holidays we decided to cook burgers and fries so we then got out the BBQ cooker to cook the patties. We got it out and started cleaning it then we got the patties and put them on the grill. Then when we heard it sizzle we started rotated them to the other side. Once it was done we then started to make it we started off making it by getting out the buns. Then we start from the patties after putting it on we added a few lettuce then we put on some pickles, onions, Beetroot, and some Mustard, and for finishing we added ketchup.

When we finished making burgers and fries we started eating it while eating the burgers that we made the mum told us that people were coming to our house so we made more burgers and fries for the guest that came to our house.

It was Exciting and fun getting to make those burgers.