Friday, 18 December 2015

Treaty of Waitangi

Treaty of Waitangi

Scene 1 - 1840 The Original document was signed on the 6th of February 1840 by Maori chiefs and by British Government.  

Scene 2 - 1841: The treaty of waitangi was saved by George Eliot in a fire at the GO in Auckland.

Scene 3 - 1908 The treaty of waitangi was found by Dr Hocken down
the basement in the governor's house.

Scene 4 - The original Treaty of Waitangi was glued on a canvas to preserve it.

Scene 5- In 1940 the Treaty was displayed in public for the first time in Waitangi as part of the centennial commemorations.

Scene 6 - The original Treaty of Waitangi was removed from public and send to the National Archives in Wellington.

We did this as part of our Reading so this is our creating work that we did.

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