Thursday, 20 February 2014

Explanation:Direction's from Home to School.

                              Title: How do I get to school in the morning.

Every morning I always walk to school by feet with my little brother and with my two cousins.It usually takes us 10-15 minutes. Therefore I have to leave home at 8:40 so that I get to school on time.

First, you open the gate, walk left and then you see an alleyway.You’ll notice that there is graffiti on the concrete, grass growing against the silver fence and on the ground there’s cracked concrete.

Continue through the alleyway once you have reach down of the alleyway cross the road. Next you get to the other side then you walk left, you then still you keep walking straight. After that you cross to the other side and, then you just keep walking straight again then you see the school gate and you enter the school.

Water Fun Day.

                                              Water Fun Day.
Water fun was on the 7th of Friday at Glenbrae School it is something that we do every year so then we all had to bring our coloured house t-shirt, it started at 9:00-11:00. When I walked past the school gates people were already setting up the equipment from the sport shed. Once the bell rang at 8:55 then Mrs Parker will call out the roll afterwards Mrs Parker announced “we all have to changed in our house coloured t-shirt”.

After changing into our coloured t-shirt we all lined up and walked down to the court and sit in our house colour’s, then Mrs Tofa announced which house is going to each activities and. Our first activities was the obstacle race when we got there we lined up in our colour we were all excited to do our first activities.Our first activity was with Mrs D the teacher aid. Baden,Eseki,Hannah and Wairua they were up first then it started Edwina,Eseki,Wairua and Hannah all ran to the cup in the bucket. They had to dip the cup in the bucket full of water then it went on and on then after that we stopped and went to the next activities.

Our next activities was the water slide there were two teacher’s there it was Mrs Parker & Mrs Kelly they gave us instructions.We were ready to go one person from each house colour took a turn and slid. Then they went first they had a enormous black bin where there were four cups in it they had to dip the cup into the bin and sit on their bottom’s and slide down and then run.We kept going on and on till it was the 10 minutes over then we line up and continue on the next activities was with Mrs Kumar.

The activities we did with Mrs Kumar is the zigzag.We had to zigzag through the cones and sprint to the bucket and tip the water.Then the we all started then it went on and on.The ten minutes was over and then Mrs Kumar made sure we lined up and went on to the next activity.

Our next activity was the 3 legged race with Mr Nath, on this race we had to get a partner and hold hands and get the cup’s and dip it into a bin and run with them to our coloured bin on the court and pour it into our bin.After we’ve done that we raced back and return the cup onto the next person.

Our last activity was “walk the plank” our teacher there was Mr Pillay he gave us instruction and lined up in our house colour and then we started and then we got our cup’s and dip it in the bucket then you spread your feet and walk over the plank and run to the house colour bin then it was all over when the whistle blew.