Thursday, 18 June 2015

Kiwi Can Diary.

Today after morning tea we had Kiwi Can we then talked about our integrity and then talked about how Reliability is important then we got into our Energizer and then we got into our Activity the Activity was Big Bounce Handball we this game took part outside so Mr Numia split us into groups of 4. Then Mr Numia explained the game and then we started and then we played we bounce the ball in any direction we played 3 rounds and then on the 3rd round we team up and played. Then we went back and talked about how is Reliability is important to others then we did the points at the end.               

MADD Diary.


Today at MADD workshop we had our last workshop so when we were there we talked about what we we have learnt so far with Petia and Caroline we talked about how you are unique and that practice makes perfect and that you should never give up and always try your best.Then Petia gave us some cards that reminds us of what have we done so far with them.

Then Petia told us to form a circle and Fraser was in the middle and say positive things about him everybody got a turn and after that he thanked us for listening and then did the final drawing of a Superhero Iron Man and then once again he then thanked us for having him and for being a good class.