Thursday, 3 April 2014

Visitors Visiting Glenbrae School.

On Tuesday the 1st of April we had visitors from different kind of school and Mrs Elia already got all the tour-guide sorted and ready. Then in the morning me and my class all lined up and ready for basketball but then Mrs Elia announced for the tour guide to come down to Room 3 to met the Special visitors then Mrs Elia asked all of us to introduce our self to them.

Then we sat down and getting them to know us and how we use netbook’s in Glenbrae School and how it is a Digital school.Then we asked them heaps and heaps of questions about them and after that they introduce them self to us and after Mrs Elia told us what class we should be going to and observing on how we use netbook. Then my visitor Sharon went to observe Room 9 and went to keti to ask her how we used our netbook and Keti showing Sharon how they use the netbook’s and getting on to their site.

Then after Sharon observed Keti then Mrs Raj showed Room 10’s site our class site she talked about the Maths Groups, Reading Group, Writing Groups and our Inquiry Groups. And she also talked about how we are being a cyber-smart class and talk more and more and then she finished talking then I took Sharon to my class to observe and looked at our inquiry topic study about the bush. She talked with Mrs Parker and introduced herself to Sharon and Sharon introducing herself to Mrs Parker then Mrs Elia announced on the speaker to the tour guide to bring back the visitor and bringing them back to the Staffroom for their lunch.

It was "COOL" to get to be a Tour guide.

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