Monday, 25 May 2015

ECE Visit.

Today we went to the newly childhood center when we went there we had to take something to present to them our teacher gave us two choices that we had to do first choice was get a big book from the school library and the second choice was to choose a game for the little kids. Almost our class we went with choice one then we went to the library and pick a simple book to read to the little ones in the childhood center when we had chosen our big book we then walked down to the ECE center it took us 2 minutes to get there it was quick and I was happy to get there because it was pouring with rain. We were inside and Ria the manager introduced us to the little ones first we sang if you're happy and you know it then we had to pick a partner we picked one and got started first we read the book to him and there were different activities to do with our pairs we had a lot to do until we had to come down because the little kids had something to present to us after they have presented we say our goodbyes and went back to school.


Taki said...

It was nice to see the litlte kids

Baden said...

nice on Ilalio it was nice to hear that you read then book to him and took him to do some fun activities and when i saw you playing with him he had a big smile on his face it looked like he wanted you to be hes big brother nice and very good and interesting story.

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