Thursday, 29 October 2015

Kiwi Can Reflection

Today in Kiwi Can we did our Energizer called Power of One each leader that’s at the front of the lines was called up to go to Mr Numia and get one of the actions from him and that they had to come back and tell the rest of the team and each teams did that action after that we had a new action to do then it went on for about 5 mins then we got into our Activities called Human Knot we got divided into groups of two then each person had to put their right hand out first and the left hand after then everybody was tangled then our teachers told us to untangle it it was a bit tricky but managed to do it. Then we sat in a circle and waited for our teacher to give us our question for our GKQ’s after our GKQs we did our final catchphrase.

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